(WKRG) — The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season started June 1. To help you prepare, the WKRG First Alert Storm Team is covering an array of subjects you need to know this hurricane season.

The First Alert Storm Team commits to keeping the Gulf Coast safe and prepared from tropical weather. During disaster, information is priceless. These stories give you critical information you need to know before disaster strikes.

2023 Hurricane Season: How Many Storms?

Chief Meteorologist Ed Bloodsworth provides a look into how many storms you can expect this Hurricane season.

The key factors for the forecasts this year are a developing El Niño phase, which tends to suppress tropical activity, and warmer-than-normal ocean temperatures, which tends to increase activity.

2023 Hurricane Season: Preparing for Disaster

Chief Meteorologist Ed Bloodsworth provides a look into how you can prepare for disaster.

Emergency management – a topic most often associated with disaster. It’s a perception that can lead to a disconnect between emergency managers and the residents they serve.

Power Crews Get Ready For Hurricane Season

Meteorologist Lexi Birmingham takes you inside Florida Light and Power as they get ready for Hurricane season.

Electricity has become an essential part of our everyday lives and getting the power back on after a hurricane hits is important. Power crews across the Gulf Coast are preparing and getting ready for what this upcoming season may bring.

Prepping your Pets and Livestock from Tropical Weather

Meteorologist Caroline Carithers tells you how to make sure your pets and livestock are safe during tropical weather.

Starting with pets that live in your house such as dogs and cats, it begins with getting an emergency kit together. You will need: A week supply of food and water, a two-week supply of medications, leashes, potty pads for your pet to go to the bathroom when it is not safe to go outside, collars, paperwork, and a transport container if you are taking your pet to a shelter or hotel. 

Gulf State Park Recovery: Coming Back from Hurricane Sally

Meteorologist John Nodar provides an update in Gulf State Park as it continues to recover after Hurricane Sally.

Alabama’s Gulf State Park…It’s one of the crown jewels of the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Sally lashed the landmark with ferocious winds and storm surge.  Nearly three years later, recovery continues.

2023 Hurricane Season: A Disappearing Coastline

Meteorologist Grant Skinner takes you behind the scenes of disappearing coastlines along the Gulf Coast.

A disappearing coastline – beach erosion is a common occurrence on the Gulf Coast and it most often occurs outside of hurricane season.

You can download both the WKRG News 5 Hurricane Guide and Hurricane tracking map here. This guide and map can help you be prepared for when danger comes along with keeping track of the storms that stir up this year.