ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Hurricane Sally ravaged the Gulf Coast. One of the hardest hit areas is Orange Beach. Drone video from the area shows the astounding level of damage, Sally showing incredible strength along the coast. These boats in the video box seen above belong at condos much further up the beach. The winds were so strong, hardly any boats left out are not displaced or damaged.

The damage is incredibly wide spread. People who live at nearby condos lost boats of their own. All agreed they did not expect Hurricane Sally to move this far east and certainly were not expecting this long of a recovery process. Robert Quinn lost a boat, “after a while you don’t want to see the damage anymore. You look out your condo and instead of seeing a beautiful bunch of boats riding by and everybody having fun, you see tons of wood, you see all that kind of stuff which makes it totally depressing, “right now, it’s fun. Have a beer, have a drink. Have a good sandwich, talk. A couple days, that fun’s over.

Thousands remain without power along the coast. The governor is asking everyone to exercise patience and avoid returning to flooded areas.