Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) – We are currently tracking three areas in the tropics. The good news is, none of them are immediate threats to our area.

AREA #1: The first area is in the Gulf of Mexico and has a low chance for development. Either way, this is heading away from our area towards Texas/Mexico. The only impact this will have on our area is a little bit more moisture which means more rain.

AREA #2: The second area is in the central tropical Atlantic. This has a high chance of becoming a tropical depression or storm in the next few days. The good news is, forecast models currently bring this to Central America/Mexico….WELL south of the News 5 area.

AREA #3: The third area is a tropical wave off the coast of Africa that has a low chance for development. Either way, it is VERY FAR away and not an immediate threat. We will continue to track as it moves across the Atlantic and will keep you updated.