Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) – We are currently tracking three areas in the tropics. Though none of these are immediate threats to our area, we will continue to monitor any tropical system in the Atlantic.

Potential Tropical Cyclone #2: The area to the northeast of Venezuela is now classified as Potential Tropical Cyclone Two. Strong winds and heavy rainfall are expected over the Windward Islands and across the Northern coast of South America. This system is not fully organized but is expected to produce thunderstorms. It is expected that this potential tropical cyclone will become a full-fledged tropical storm. The next name on this season’s hurricane list is Bonnie.

Area #1: An area with a low chance of development is sitting in the Gulf of Mexico not coming towards our area. This system is moving towards Texas and Louisiana. We will see some higher rain chances over the next few days.

Area #2: East of Potential Tropical Cyclone Two is another area of disturbance in the Atlantic. This tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa and has a low chance of developing into a tropical system. This disturbance is far to our southeast and not an immediate threat to our area.

We will continue to track all systems as they move across the Atlantic and will keep you updated.