Hurricane Preparedness Week: The National Hurricane Center talks about how to prepare for hurricane season

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — With hurricane season rapidly approaching, we all need to be preparing ahead of time. This is why we have National Hurricane Preparedness Week this week!

Chris Landsea for the National Hurricane Center (NHC) tells us more about this week and hurricane season plus gives us some details on new products NHC is releasing for this season. 

Chris explains that we have Hurricane Preparedness Week because we want to be sure people know about hurricanes – especially new residents. He says that people are flocking to the coasts because they are beautiful places to live, but we have to be sure people are prepared.

As far as the outlook for this upcoming season, private groups such as Colorado State University predict and above-average year for the Atlantic hurricane season, but Chris explains that while they normally do a good job of telling whether or not it will be an active year, there is no way to know who or where will get hit.

“You can have a really busy year, but if they only stay out at sea, it’s only an issue for mariners. Conversely, if we have a quiet year but if one of them hits your town, it is busy for you.”

Chris Landsea, NHC

The National Hurricane Center is also releasing some new products for this season including a 60 hour forecast point that will help emergency managers and others make decisions further out, and also a storm surge product/graphic that will show you how deep the water could be on land.

Check out the video for more!


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