Baldwin EMC “Living to Give” for the Great Toy Drive

Toy Drive

Just days before Christmas and there’s still lots to do, to get it all done we’ll need you and you and you.

And before you know it we’re on the run.

“They get to be a kid again, they get to have fun.”

Scattering like mice throughout Academy Sports with Baldwin EMC our partners, of course.

“This will be perfect, a great Christmas gift,” and so we begin to fill our list.

“We got some gloves, some little league footballs,” some jump ropes and stuff. “Ninja Turtles and Spiderman,” but it’s not nearly enough.

“I had a buggy. We need more buggies,” it’s all very clear. It’s the Great Toy Drive, “Oh, I’m sweating here.”

An hour of shopping and we can feel the joy, “Two for the girls, two for the boys.”

We’re almost finished but we need more gifts. “Little mini-drones. I like it.”

From each aisle, we hastily took, “No look, sky hook.”

Before we finish one more shocker. “That was impressive. I told you I played soccer.”

The checkout sounds like Santa’s sleigh. “We live by what we give and what better way to make a child’s day.”

The grand total for all this might make you holler. We just spent almost two thousand dollars.

As we gather the goods we would be remiss if we didn’t wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas.

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