MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Gunshots erupt at a high school football game, leaving 9 people hurt.

Dozens of parents, children, and friends gathered at Ladd-Peebles stadium for a fun and friendly rivalry football game. That friendly game turned violent.

“It was supposed to be a family fun event, it just turned tragic,” said Marcus Powe, a witness.

Powe was sitting in the stands at the LeFlore-Williamson High School football game when he noticed mayhem across the field in the third quarter.

“You just hear this rumbling, and people kind of screaming. We look straight across and there’s hundreds of people running. They’re running for their lives,” Powe said.

Powe says someone pulled out a gun, which caused people to run for cover. Later on, as the game was ending, he says he noticed something wasn’t right.

“Halfway down the ramp, I hear nine gunshots go off “pow pow pow pow” Take off running, get to the bottom and I hear a pow, another one. I look back up and I see there’s someone laying down,” Powe said.

Nine people were hurt in the shooting. Mobile police, city officials, and Mobile County Public Schools are now showing a more united front.

“Make sure this never ever happens again in the City of Mobile at any football game, or any public event where people are gathered to enjoy themselves,” Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson said.

Stimpson promised more security at high school football games.

“It will surely deter someone from bringing a weapon in. And sure it will help, but what are you going to do once you get outside the stadium,” Powe said.

There will be more protocols for going to high school football games across Mobile County starting Friday. Officials are still working out what will be required but will be sending out details before Friday.