UPDATE 5/19: MCPSS says Eric Collier, Theodore High head football coach and athletic director has been placed on administrative leave after Bayou La Batre incident.

BAYOU LA BATRE, Ala. (WKRG)-Theodore High head football coach Eric Collier and three of his family members are in trouble with the law after a fight in Bayou La Batre.

Bayou La Batre Police calling it a “Premeditated” attack. Police say it all started on Mother’s Day after an incident on Dauphin Island involving Collier’s son. A threatening message followed and police say Collier and his family went to the Bayou La Batre boat launch waiting to fight back.

The end of the fight was caught on camera. Several people were pulled off of a boat, beaten and even held under the water. Shannon Mcclure, the stepmother of one of the victim’s. told us how her stepson recalled those moments. “I don’t think I was going to live through this, he goes if they would have held me under I would not have came back up because I couldn’t fight anymore. On his head you couldn’t run your fingers through his hair because of the bumps that you can see from the shoe imprints all through his head.”

These photos show her stepson battered and bruised after the violence. The injuries to the victims range from cuts to fractured bones — one person had to get 10 stiches.

“They still have problems dealing with it. You know your kid is coming up to you saying they can’t eat they can’t sleep because every time he closes his eyes he’s dreaming about being drown. This has taken a mental toll on all of them.” Mcclure said.

Theodore head coach Eric Collier, his son Eric junior, Shawn Collier and Hayden collier will all be charged with assault. Bayou la Batre PD sought out felony charges, but Mobile County DA deemed the crime as a misdemeanor.

Mcclure also tells us that her stepson and some of the other victims will also be facing assault charges, coming from Dauphin Island police for the initial incident.

MCPSS released the following statement in regards to the warrant: “Bayou La Batre Police announced this evening that it has filed a misdemeanor charge. That is all we know. We will look into it.”