KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — At least two people are dead, with as many as 15 others hurt, in a late-night shooting.

Investigators say they were called to the area of 40 Hwy & Noland Road on a shooting at around 11:30pm on Sunday.    A suspect was reportedly trying to get into a  nightclub called 9ine Ultra Lounge; a fight happened, and Kansas City police officers say the suspect started shooting.   A security guard is believed to have shot and killed the suspect.  A woman was also shot and killed, but her relation to the suspect is unknown.

Of the 15 people believed hurt, 3 people were hospitalized with critical injuries.  Investigators were not immediately able to verify if all of those victims were shot or injured in other ways.

Investigators say this is a very large crime scene, and that drivers should avoid that area through the morning.