Termite swarms are back, experts suggest keeping lights off

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BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – They’re back and they’re here by the swarms.

“Generally when you’re seeing them like this it’s a time for them to get out and fly and basically to get a mate and produce new colonies,” said Fred Pierce with Wildlife Solutions in Fairhope.

Termites have been a pesky problem over the last few days and a lot of people on the Eastern Shore have noticed large groups forming, especially at night.

“These guys are heavily attracted to light. They don’t last long, they die fairly quick. If they don’t find water soon they’ll dehydrate and die,” said Pierce.

The best thing you can do according to Pierce is to get inside and turn off all exterior lights. It’s not a bad idea to turn off interior lights, too. If you notice swarms inside of your home that’s when an expert is needed.

“Use some masking tape and actually tape up the doors where they’re coming in and you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum them up,” he suggests.


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