Tattoo shop offers to cover up hate, gang symbols for free

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(CNN) – Amid the national conversation about racism in America, a Kentucky tattoo shop is offering its clients a chance to cover up artwork they’re having second thoughts about.

“I just wanted to help out in some way. It’s the only platform I have.”

Jeremiah Swift is a tattoo artist and says he’s using ink to help people cover old mistakes for free in light of what’s going on.

“We’re basically just covering any hate or gang-related imagery or wording,”Swift said.

“I’m getting a confederate flag covered on my ankle that I got when I was 18,” said Jennifer Tucker, who is the first customer to take advantage of Swift’s offer.

“It’s a symbol of hatred and I want it off me,” Tucker said.

She said she only got the tattoo to disobey her dad and to fit in.

“I went to Livingston County, everybody there flies rebel flags like there was not a single black person in our community… The KKK is prevalent there and it was kind of like follow the leader,” she said.

But now she said this tattoo will be something of the past.

“It’s pickle Rick from Rick and Morty, it’s a cartoon that I love. He’s amazing,” she said.

Tucker said her daughter is happy she took this step.

“My daughter said, ‘I’m really proud mom that you’re taking that off of you,’” she said.

And with many regrets, she’s also fighting for change.

“I want it gone. I want solidarity. I’m apart of a group in Paducah and we go and peacefully protest,” she said.

Swift isn’t the only tattoo artist trying to help others cover up their mistakes. A local tattoo artist in St. Petersburg, Florida, is also offering to cover up any symbols of hate for free.’s Sarafina Brooks met with the artist.


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