Pythons for dinner? Eating the snakes could help control the invasive species in Florida

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(WKRG) — Some people in Florida hope residents will give the other, other white meat a try for dinner.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) wants to study mercury levels in the Burmese python to see if it can safely recommend eating them, The Palm Beach Post reported.

The Burmese python is considered an invasive species in the Everglades and has been wiping out other animals such as the marsh rabbit.

The concern with eating the snakes is their high mercury levels. According to The Palm Beach Post report, FWC wants to see if python consumption could be safe if guidelines are created similar to those in place for fish with high mercury levels.

A python hunter told The Palm Beach Post that python meat is “very chewy” but can be substituted in any recipes that call for chicken or pork.


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