Police using go-karts to teach kids to drive safely

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Huntsville, Ala (CNN) — police in Huntsville, Alabama have a new fleet of vehicles to help kids learn driving and traffic laws.
Three donated go-karts — they are being used to teach children to drive and obey traffic signals and stop signs.
the sergeant says they will set up a go-kart driving course at community events.

Sgt. Mike Nelson / Huntsville Police: “The kids are learning what’s going on, so when they actually get to a driving age they have a better understanding of what the road laws are in Alabama.”
“We want the kids of the community to build a trust with the officers and to be able to trust police officers and be able to look at us in a good light. We are out there to help the community. We are out there to help people. We are actually out there to teach as well.”

Several city departments helped get the project off the ground.


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