MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WKRG) — On the same day Mobile was buzzing over a driver moving a couch on his windshield another Alabama driver has people swarming to Facebook.

Jocelyn Jordan of Daphne shared the photo of a woman driving with a beehive in her back seat, and hundreds of bees swarming inside her car. “I just about died,” Jordan wrote. She says she witnessed the outrageous scene outside EastChase Mall in Montgomery, “I understand the hives have to be transported, but surely there’s a way to keep them contained!”

“She was just chatting in her phone like all was normal. I honked at her when I was behind her thinking I’d save (her) til I realized they were crawling all in her front seat too 🤦‍♀️,” Jordan wrote.

The woman hauling the bees may not have been fazed by the bees, but they certainly stunned everyone who saw it. “I’m shook! I almost ran off the road looking 🤦‍♀️,” said Jordan. The