MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s time for a new school year at Mobile County Public Schools System.

2020 will be a very different year for students. The first nine weeks will be all done through remote learning.

When students log on for classes, it could be from a car in a parking lot. In a Facebook post, the district explains it will have buses stationed around the county providing WiFi in a 50-yard radius at each location.

WKRG News 5 spoke with one parent who asked to remain anonymous. She said, “My main issue is putting these kids in these hot cars out in the sun. Even if they were to take a break to get out of he car, they’re just going in to the hot sun.”

Many parents who posted comments on Facebook, or spoke with WKRG News 5 expressed concerns about being able to take their kids to the WiFi enabled buses.

The parent who gave an interview also expressed safety concerns for so many students going to these publicly published locations. She said, “For a lot of rural kids, that means spots where a lot of registered sex offenders are, takes a while for a police officer to get there. I know about 45 minutes when I’ve had an incident.”

A spokesperson said the district has had shipment delays resulting in some students being without WiFi Hotspots or Chromebooks. The district asks parents to be patient with them as everyone adjusts to the 2020 school year.

Learn more about the bus hours and locations BY CLICKING HERE.