News 5 Investigates: What’s in your CBD products?

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BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Whether it’s outside of a gas station, pharmacy, or true CBD storefront – we’re seeing the sign “CBD sold here,” pop up more and more across the county.

As that happens, industry experts want buyers to make sure they’re getting the right stuff.

“If you’re going to buy something for your health, you might as well go to someone who knows what they’re doing,” said Chase Smith, owner of Lotus CBD in Foley.

Smith has a wealth of knowledge, and the papers to prove it.

“To show them they’re getting what they’re asking for, they’re paying for what they’re getting. And that the products are tested by a third party. It’s not based on my opinion or the company’s,” he said, while showing News 5 the lab results.

It’s the same story at Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies (CPT) in Daphne. Owner John Hart says all products there undergo the highest possible grade of testing. And you can see those results by scanning the bar code on the back of the products.

Additionally, at CPT, buyers are just steps away from a licensed medical professional who can answer any of their questions.

“Patients are out there maybe taking it, not understanding what medications could interact with their CBD oil. So they need to get a licensed professional opinion for that,” said Hart.

News 5 purchased a CBD vape product at a gas station in Baldwin County, and asked Smith and Hart to read the fine print.

Two warning signs stood out to Smith right away.

“The first two ingredients are actually vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol,” he said. Those are labeled at VG and PG. “Both of those can lead to what’s called popcorn lung, which is a swelling of the lungs and the interior.”

Both Hart and Smith also say if there is not a scan-able barcode on the back of a product you’re buying, or lab results aren’t readily available some other way, that’s likely a sign you’re not getting what you paid for.

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