Love scooters or hate them, there are rules to ride them

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Electric scooters– you either love them, or hate them. At least that’s been the case in cities where scooters have been used for a few months or more, like Nashville and Atlanta.

‘Gotcha’ electric scooters haven’t even been in downtown Mobile two weeks and already injuries, property damage, and general complaints about people riding them obniouxsly are being reported.

But Mobile Police will start enforcing “rules of the road for the gotcha scooters” on January 13, and they believe it will make scooting around downtown a little more pleasant for everyone not riding.

First of all, riders must be at least 18-years-old, and only one person is allowed on each scooter at a time.

This is a big one in other cities– scooters being used in places where they’re not supposed to be ridden, like sidewalks. That is not allowed. There have already been complaints of people on scooters riding dangerously close to pedestrians.

And just last year, a man riding a scooter on a sidewalk in Nashville, TN was killed when an SUV that had the right of way ran over him. Police say the driver didn’t see the scooter when the rider turned into his path.

Scooter riders are expected to ride with the flow of traffic and follow traffic signals using extra caution around intersections. If there is a bike lane, it must be used. And riders should always yield to pedestrians.

Scooters must be parked upright using the kickstand, and cannot block building entrances/exits, crosswalks, driveways, sidewalk ramps, fire hydrants or loading zones.

And if you’re riding a scooter and are involved in an incident that causes property damage or hurts someone, the victim can pursue civil action against you.

The Gotcha electric scooters are available to ride daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and police are urging riders to take responsibility for their safety.


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