MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) — Several motorcyclists were injured in a wreck over the weekend.

Mobtown Riders motorcyclists say they were on their way home from a benefit they were hosting when several members were involved in an accident.

Mobile Police confirm the accident happened on Saturday night at the intersection of Highway 90 and Lansdowne. Officers say at least one person was taken to the hospital. Motorcyclists say four bikes went down in the accident. They say it’s frustrating and scary when these accidents happen knowing they could be easily avoided if people stayed more aware.

Mobtown Rider Grinch, Greg Edwards, said, “Our bright lights are on all the time so people can see us. We add more lights so people can see us. Our pipes are loud so people can hear us coming down the road. That’s not all stuff that we do just for us, it’s to let everybody around us know that we are there.” 

The group said two of their members were hurt in the accident, and one of them is still in the hospital and is now in stable condition. We’ve reached out to Mobile Police for more information, but officers did not have any details.