MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — On Tuesday, Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine wrapped up his first 24 hours as the city’s new top cop.

Prine might be new to this position but he has served more than two decades with the Mobile Police Department (MPD), preparing him for this role.

Prine says he is ready to make positive, much-needed adjustments to the city.

“The strategic plan that I’ve implemented and it’s really a three-prong approach,” Prine said. “One is intelligence-led policing. That’s figuring out how we use intelligence to do more with less… to attack crime in the city. The second part is community engagement.”

The third part of Prine’s plan is building professionalism within the MPD.

“So that our officers feel like they’re valued and that they’re a major contributor to this department, which they are,” Prine said.

The city of Mobile has seen more than 40 homicides this year. Prine says he plans on taking the necessary steps to tackle the root of the problem.

“There is a process to figuring out the best way to attack that problem, and we will be doing that with the staff as we move forward,” Prine said.

Although he’s been on the job for a short time, the new chief says he’s confident his plans will bring changes to Mobile soon.

“Over the next coming months, hopefully, we’ll start seeing that gradual decline in criminal activity,” Prine said.