Mobile police urge gun owners to lock up their weapons

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It is a tragic death, that could have been prevented. A toddler, grabbing an unsecured gun and shooting himself.

Now, Mobile police, again, are urging you to lock up your guns.

Police say the death of 2-year-old Corey Davis Jr. could have easily been prevented if the gun had been properly stored.

“You would just expect people to be a lot more careful with these firearms,” said Mobile Public Safety Director, James Barber.

Davis accidentally shot himself with a pistol at the Red Roof Inn Thursday. His family now mourning the loss of the toddler.

“Be more safe when you have guns, put the guns down. Don’t have them around the children. Put them in a safe spot, at least in a safe spot. I hate that it had to happen, but God brings you up for a reason,” said Curtis Davis, Corey’s uncle.

Mobile police are now imploring gun owners to take precautions with their weapons because it is not just leading to accidental shootings.

“These guns are getting into the wrong hands. They’re getting into the hands of juveniles and they’re getting into the hands of violent criminals,” Barber.

Barber says many of those guns are coming from the same place, unlocked cars. More than 330 were taken from unlocked cars last year, police say those guns are landing in the wrong hands, and leading to more crimes.

“These are really high-capacity pistols we’re talking about here. And again, used to commit more violent crimes. So it’s still disappointing in a lot of ways,” said Barber.

Last January, Mobile Police officer Sean Tuder was shot and killed in the line of duty with a stolen gun. And the next month, a child was hit by a bullet after a Mardi Gras parade downtown. That gun was also taken from a car.

“We defend your right to legally possess and own, but help us keep everybody safe and keep us safe by securing these weapons,” said Barber.

Barber says police will continue to educate gun owners on being responsible with their weapons.


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