MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s been almost six months since Mobile Police began investigating who killed Gregory Sledge, but now with new reward money being offered by the department, Sledge’s family is hopeful someone may come forward with information.

Gregory’s Mom told us her son certainly knew how to make someone smile. Brenda Johnson said, “Greg was definitely the life of the party.”

This year however, the holiday’s will not be the same. Johnson said, “I miss my son and I love him dearly, and I feel like my Grandbaby, the only thing I want for Christmas is for my son to be here, but we know that won’t happen.”

Mobile Police didn’t have too many details to release about Sledge’s case. He’s one of nine unsolved murders in 2020. Police hope a $2,500 reward gives someone an incentive to come forward with enough information to make an arrest.

Tribute by Morgan to her Dad

Police report states on July 22, officers went to the Crossing at Pinebrook after calls about one person shot. When officers got there, they found 29-year-old Sledge who was pronounced dead on the scene.

His mom said she found out when she got a call from one of Greg’s friends. Johnson said, “Told me that he had gotten shot and that’s how I heard about it, and she and my granddaughter lived with me. She and I jumped up and threw on some clothes and went down to the scene, but by the time we had gotten there, they had already taken him.”

Johnson never got to say goodbye to her son. She’s not gotten many updates, or much information about his case. She wants answers for his daughter, Morgan who made a tribute for her Dad.

She wanted to talk on camera to tell us about him. Morgan said, “My Dad was a good man.” She also mentioned they loved going shoe shopping together. Her favorite shoes, the ones she told us she wore during the interview, were a gift from him.

“When it was freshly going on, she didn’t want to sleep in her room because they hadn’t, you know, caught the person that did it.”

Brenda Johnson

Johnson said her son loved his daughter. He would do anything for her and get her anything she could need. His sudden death has had a big impact on Morgan.

Johnson said, “When it was freshly going on, she didn’t want to sleep in her room because they hadn’t, you know, caught the person that did it.”

Many family members speaking out pleaing for information. Greg’s cousin Carlos Johnson sent WKRG News 5 a statement, “Greg and I are cousins but more like brothers. When we was together it was always a lot of love, laughter and fun times. No matter who you ask about Greg they will have a funny story of him. That smile was one of a kind. Whenever we parted ways we made sure that we said we loved one another and now I will never get a chance to tell him again. If anyone knows anything please come forward.”

Johnson told WKRG News 5, while her son was very outgoing, he was also very private. She said he didn’t let most people know where she lived. She said, “We all feel like that it was a setup.”

If you have any information, call Mobile Police at 251-208-7211 or send a message at