Mobile Christian School rolls out new student pick-up technology

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Car pick-up now looks a little different at Mobile Christian School. Teachers with tablets use technology to keep up with where each student needs to go. The school is using a new app called CurbSmart.

The App makes sure kids are getting in the right car safely at the end of the day. The first phase of the program rolled out Thursday. Currently, teachers are using it on tablets. Parents use numbered placards hanging from their rear-view windows. Each student has their own number. A staff member checks the parents in using the number and teachers see the kid’s name on a screen in their classroom. Teachers then walk each child to their car.

A family gets a number on a placard for their student, like number 161. Each parent hangs their placard on thier rear view mirror and gets in the car pick-up line. MCS Elementary School Principal Deborah Curry said, “We have what we call an administrator imput the number on the placard…It will come up on a screen. Each teacher’s device will see sally smith’s name come up.”

Ashley Barnes is one of the parents using CurbSmart for the first time this year. She said, “They individually key in each number and walk your child to the car 20 cars at a time, load them up, and then release all 20 cars at the same time.”

The app instantly updates letting administrators know the status of each student. Although the app is new, parents we spoke to already love it. Barnes said, “I think it is a very neat, and efficient, and very safe way of doing things, especially with a large number of students so young.”

The school is already some big changes, but this is only phase one. Elementary Principal Curry said phase two will let parents download the app to their phones. She said, “When they enter campus, they put their placard number in and so that’ll give us advance that we see it and we can go ahead and start our line for the students to come up and be dismissed.”

Principal Deborah Curry added, “In this day and time with different things going on, we want to make sure that that’s the right person that’s picking up, and if they don’t have that placard, or they don’t know that number, then we will not release to them, the child to them, so I love the fact of the safety feature.”

The app will soon let parents change who their student is riding with and see in real time when their student gets picked up.

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