ATMORE, Ala. (WKRG) — In downtown Atmore, right along Main Street, a discussion about the latest news that could have a huge economic impact on the town. “I hope it’s going to be good,” says Tim Maddox. “My son works for the prison’s department.”

A mega-prison is expected to be built in the shadow of the casino, just off Interstate 65, replacing Holman Prison and the Fountain Correctional Facility, and creating an estimated 400 new jobs.

“As long as it brings some jobs and the fence is high enough,” says Ann Lawrence who has lived in Atmore all of her life.

“If everybody gonna keep their job plus another four or five hundred, that’s always a plus,” says local business owner Anthony Patrick.

661 acres off Bell Fork Road is the location for that new prison to potentially be built but it is also a location that is causing some questions among residents. “I guess everybody is thinking what would it have hurt if you want to build a new prison, why didn’t you just build it where the old one was?” asks Patrick.

“The problem is the location and not the prison itself,” adds Lawrence. “We need it. If it’s old they need to get rid of it. The sooner the better.”

Construction could begin by the end of the year and finished by 2025.

Some say the new mega-prison creates a lot of problems but for this small town they are all good problems to have.