Local reaction to how Capitol chaos was handled differently than BLM protests

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — While watching Wednesday’s riot, many wondered why the Capitol security and the response to protestors breaking-in were handled differently than what was witnessed this summer during ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations.

It’s a double standard that many people of color have faced time and time again. Many Civil Rights leaders took to social media blasting how Wednesday’s attack was handled, leaving a lot of people wondering what was is it about this protest that deemed it as being “peaceful” vs. “thugs” like what Black Lives Matter demonstrators have been called?

“If there had been a bunch of Black folks standing on that wall they would have been gunned down,” Dennis Rocker said.

Angry Trump supporters forced their way into the US capitol during the electoral college vote count for Joe Biden’s presidency, causing congressmen and senators to be rushed from the building to a secure location.

Quickly after, we saw pictures from protesters making their rounds showing demonstrators vandalizing the US Capitol.

As for law enforcement, barely in sight.

“Our President is the Chief of the Military. Why couldn’t they come in and do the same thing they would have done to us,” said Rocker.

This summer during countless ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests demonstrators were tear-gassed, many were arrested and or shot with rubber bullets. When they made their way to the Capitol, they were met with standing guards on the steps.

“We were rioting. We were causing problems. Ain’t that what you’ll doing?” Rocker said

Maggie Ferguson said she like many agree with freedom of speech, but based on recent tension stemming from the election, she saw this coming.

“We’re in that state where no one can seem to agree or disagree at any point, so,” said Ferguson.

Rocker said he doesn’t want to make this a race issue, but what america witnessed today may have proved otherwise.

“From what I just saw the law enforcement was just standing there. But when I saw the BLM y’all be fighting them. I’m not trying to make this a Black and White issue but that’s what it looked like,” said Rocker.

News 5’s Amber Grigley spoke with Chief Batiste with Mobile Police Department about concerns of Wednesday’s riot trickle down to South Alabama. He says they have been in contact with the FBI and other national agencies and as it stands right now there’s no immediate threat to our area.


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