MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG)-Congressman Jerry Carl was sworn into the 117th congress today in Washington D.C.

Congressman Carl says things looked different today in terms of the votes taking place prior to being sworn in due to covid safety precautions. Swearing in and today’s duties due to the congress-elects coming in waves for the majority of the time. As a freshman to congress, Carl has already been in D.C. for two weeks for orientation, so he has gotten the chance to get his feet wet.

When speaking with us Carl mentioned his first goals are centering around committee selection leading into his term. He has zoned in on aiming at being a part of the Armed Service Committee, Agriculture or Natural Resources. He says with this committee he could work for veterans and those within this committee that fall into concerns in South Alabama. He also mentioned work with veterans and the pro-life movement will be in the mix.

Congressman Carl went on to note the big shoes he knows he must fill following the likes of Sonny Callahan and Bradley Byrne to name a few. He says overall it has been a humbling experience “I have met several democrats that I have become friends with that are also freshmen. It is cool to see that new from the freshman class working together because we truly are. It is just good times. I couldn’t imagine it being this exciting even with everything else going on. It is just such a huge honor to represent my folks in District one South Alabama.”