Semmes, Ala. (WKRG) — We had her nominators, also her students, present this Golden Apple to Nicole Landry.  The 20-year veteran history teacher—just like all teachers we’ve ever spoken with–says it’s her students that motivate her to return to the classroom day after day.

“Always—they feed me with their energy,” she says. “They are always most of the time positive and just their enthusiasm is the motivator every single day.”

And you know what? She wasn’t afraid to tell us what she doesn’t like about teaching.

“I didn’t like covid teaching.  I didn’t like virtual teaching, I can tell you that,” she said.

And there is a good ‘teachers’ reason’ why.

“I also didn’t get the feedback —I couldn’t see if they understood something or monitor if they were lost or if they really were excited about it.”

That’s important to her, especially because of the unique structure of her classes.  Many of her students are earning not only high school credit but also college credit through the Dual Enrollment program—a partnership with Bishop State Community College.  The school offers dual enrollment in history, as well as biology, English, and pre-Algebra.

“Do you just kind of look at them and go, ‘you’re not getting this right now?”

“Absolutely–and they will tell you–and you’re not with me right now,” said Landry.

But most of them do get it—and some of them decided to nominate Landry for her Golden Apple.

“You don’t have a quiet kid in her class,” said student Harmony Jernigan.  “She always makes sure you are involved in the lesson that we’re learning.”

Another student, Braxton Fuller added, “She definitely makes you think instead of telling you how to think and I love that.”

Our congratulations to Nicole Landry and Mary G. Montgomery High for a job well done.