LUCEDALE, Miss. (WKRG) — A George County High teen was welcomed back Thursday, Jan. 27 after being out of town for rehabilitation from injuries in the highway 26 road collapse last year.

Layla Jamison is finally back home after months of recovery in the Hospital. Thursday her hometown of Lucedale gave her a surprise that she will cherish forever.

She has been undergoing rehabilitation and therapy at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and hasn’t been home since the accident in August, so the emotions were raw for her, her family and the entire George County Community.

Layla was in high spirits despite the overwhelming five months she’s been though saying “I’m on top of the world.”

Hurricane Ida’s heavy rain caused Highway 26 to collapse in George County. Three people died and nine were injured. Layla was one of the survivors. She was driving home from work when the accident happened. Layla was left with dozens of broken bones and emergency surgeries.

She still doesn’t have feeling below her knees, but she said she is determined to walk again.

“This has not been easy for me; this was a lot of work. If you could ask my therapist, they’d tell you. But I am just happy to be here,” Layla said. “I wanna walk, this wheelchair is not a good look for me. I wanna walk.”

Layla’s mother Kimberly Jaimson said the entire experience has been overwhelming.

“To be honest I never expected her to be in a chair talking and the potential that with a lot more therapy that she’s going to be able to walk,” said Jaimson. But she said having a community to back Layla in her recovery means the world to their family. “Our community is amazing, always has been, but I wasn’t expecting this. We had no idea this is what was taking place behind the scenes and I’m grateful, we are beyond grateful.”

As Layla was welcomed back there were several presentations, comments from her principal and state and city leaders poured love and support over her. She was also presented with a key to the city and Jan. 27 was dubbed “Layla Jamison Day.” “I am extremely overwhelmed, I am beyond grateful, I love it and I’m thankful,” Layla said.

To top it off George Regional Hospital presented Layla with a promise of free medical treatment and Physical therapy for the remainder of her recovery.