Golf cart users upset about regulations being enforced

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mardi Gras is here. Thousands showed up to see the Conde Cavliers kick-off the parade season in downtown. It’s a Mobile tradition that’s been around for centuries. And one popular tradition for RV City campers is the golf carts, but this year that tradition has been nixed and it’s outraged residents.

People told News 5 they are upset that they paid $25 to the city to use their golf carts and now cannot even get their money back. They say the only place they can drive their golf carts is inside of RV City.

TJ Thompson said, “No it’s not street legal but it’s never stopped anybody before”

People in RV City said they had no idea about any golf cart regulations. Thompson said, “Cop stopped us first thing this morning. He told us that even though we paid for the parking pass and everything that we still couldn’t ride it in the streets.”

Thompson said he has been bringing a golf cart to Mardi Gras for the last seven years and it has never been a problem. he said, “We been down here for the past two weeks. If they would have told us two weeks ago, we wouldn’t have paid for the golf cart pass.”

Thompson said he is upset, and he is not alone. Marcus Skipper also has a golf cart. He said, “Typically the rules of government once you set a precedent you can’t go backward, but you know without prior notice, so we didn’t have any notice. You know, people trailer-ed these golf carts down here this year basically to use them for nothing.”

Ivan Harber also has a golf cart. He came to Mardi Gras from Pensacola. He said, “I mean I’ve seen people drive a golf cart drink a beer and so now we’re all being punished for this for I don’t know what prompted it.”

But Mobile Police say they’re just following state law. The State of Alabama does not allow golf carts on roadways; however golf carts that have been upgraded to what’s known as low-speed vehicles can be allowed in some cases, but there are still rules.

Mobile Police Chief Battiste said, “those are the things that we will enforce is the rules of the road. If they’ll comply then they’ll enjoy themselves and they won’t catch a lot of problems from us, but they do have to follow the rules of the road and be in compliance that the LSV say they have to have in order to operate on streets.”

Thompson said he just wants his money back. He said, “When we ask about our money back, nobody messages us back, nobody emails us back, nothing like that it’s just dead silence.”


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