WAGERSVILLE, Ala. (WKRG) — A tragic shooting over the weekend left a father and his son dead, the son’s girlfriend now speaking out after the incidnet.

A father and son are dead after shooting each other in a bizarre tragedy in Washington County.  We originally reported the incident occurred after a confrontation between the two that’s when Nic, the son’s girlfriend reached out saying she was there and that wasn’t the case.

According to Ariel Anderson, it all started when her daughter was almost attacked by some of the family dogs outside their home. She told Nic of the near attack and he decided to shoot the dogs to save the child from future potential harm. Ariel continued saying, “What I heard and saw there is no way Nic shot his dad. His dad just showed up angry and for whatever reason did not ask any questions, if he would have he probably would have agreed, but he was just angry and shot Nic then shot himself. There was no time for an argument, it happened in seconds…”

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has a different story though, saying it was a confrontation between the two men, regarding the dogs…which then led to an exchange of gunfire, not Kelvin shooting his son then committing suicide. Chief Investigator Blake Anderson said, ” I’m very confident that’s how the events unfolded, we try and let the evidence speak for everything and make sure everything is considering with our witness statements and right now we believe that’s the case.” Anderson also said the coroner’s unofficial report shows Kelvin couldn’t have killed himself.

Ariel says Nic and his father didn’t have a good relationship, and Nic had a checkered past but had gotten his act straight and was a loving father.

Ariel went on to say Nic had turned his life around from his checkered past and was a loving father and provider. “He was a good man and had a kind soul. Nic Coker was a hero, he died saving my child and trying to protect her,” she said.

The Sheriff’s Office did say they are still actively investigating this case and will update WKRG News 5 if anything changes.