Fox that bit man in Lake Forest killed, to be tested

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DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – A man is recovering at home Sunday, hoping he’s not been exposed to rabies after a fox attack. He was bitten at a pool in Daphne Sunday afternoon.

At least a dozen kids and their parents were enjoying an afternoon at the pool in the Lake Forest subdivision when suddenly that joy turned to terror.

“I’m still shaking,” said David Bornhoft.

Bornhoft was at the pool with his family and friends Sunday afternoon.

“All of a sudden someone says there’s a fox in the area, or a fox in the pool, look up and it’s coming around the pool chairs,” said Bornhoft.

The fox had made its way through the fence and was getting close to the children. Bornhoft says he sprung into action.

“The fox kept coming, all I had was a plastic bat that kids brought to the pool. I tried to kind of shoo it away, make some noise, it kept coming at me,” he said.

He says he kept hitting the animal. “It was really weird, the animal walked like it was almost drunk. Like stumbling, swaying side to side. Really acting weird,” he explained.

But, it wouldn’t back off. At one point, it even followed his mother into the water.

“I started hitting the water again, the fox got out and started going,” said Bornhoft.

It was then, when his friend, Brett Swann, ran to the gate trying to shoo it out.

“The fox got out, gets about 5-10 feet outside the gate, and my buddy turns and runs inside the gate, and that’s when it lunged at him, and attacked him and bit him twice,” said Bornhoft.

Swann went to the emergency room later to immediately get treated for rabies.

This is the second time a fox has been spotted in the same area in the daytime. Just last week, a couple spotted a fox near the tennis courts. It tested positive for rabies.

People who live near the pool say they see a lot of foxes in the area.

“I’ve never seen one in the daytime here, but they will come out of these woods and run out across the street,” said Ted Kirby, a Lake Forest resident.

Bornhoft says it is something they’ll never forget. And they just did everything they could to try to keep everyone safe.

“We were trying to get it away from the kids and that was our number one priority,” he said.

Bornhoft also praised the Daphne police officer who responded to the attack. Saying he waited with his family while they could be clear of the pool.

Daphne police say the fox has been caught and killed.

The fox will be preserved and taken to a lab for testing tomorrow.

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