MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Prichard Police Department is still investigating its first homicide of the year.

Authorities say George Lavon Bush, 45, was shot and killed by Keenta Todd, 45, while Bush was driving his car with Todd in the backseat. He was driving on the 700 block of Prichard Avenue until he crashed into a fence. Now, his family wants answers.

George Lavon Bush, Courtesy of Bush Family

News 5 met with four members of Bush’s family at Prichard Police Department, yearning for closure after they lost their loved one.

“He just wanted to make us proud. And his father proud of whatever he did do,” said Fema Harris, one of Bush’s sisters. “We’re gonna miss him so much. He didn’t deserve it.”

The family says Bush was the oldest brother of nine siblings, and he now leaves behind five children. Two of which suffer from sickle cell amenia, so now the family is concerned about the well-being of his children.

Another one of Bush’s sisters, Erica Harris, says her brother was working to turn his life around. He started to run a car-cleaning business to make his family proud.

Unfortunately, his dream was cut too short.

“I just want people to know we all have had a past, and I do not want my brother’s past to be affected,” said Erica. “And his investigation of going through this process. My brother was changed. He had started a business, everything legally done. He was raising two girls, had five kids and all. He was a father. I want his legacy to be known because we all have had a past.”

Erica also has expressed concerns about her children’s safety in the city because Todd has not been taken into custody. She worried about the safety of her children, who still reside in Prichard.

“Nobody has called and say this person has been picked up or he’s off the street,” said Erica. “And for other people not just our family if you have someone that will look you in the face and be around you and you allowing your personal space, and he takes your life you guys need to be careful until they pick up this person. None of us are safe.”

According to Prichard Chief of Police, Walter Knight, the investigation is still very active.

Prichard Police say if you know anything of Todd’s whereabouts to contact them at 251-452-2211.