(WJCL/WFLA) – What started out as a nightly walk on the beach turned into a discovery worth more than half a million dollars, authorities say.

WJCL reports a family on vacation on Fripp Island in South Carolina found illegal narcotics washed along the beach that were still in their original packaging and in good condition. It’s unclear how long the narcotics were actually out to sea.

Although the family declined to be interviewed on camera, they told the news station that a family member found a large object in the sand. At first, they thought it was an animal.

After bringing it back to their vacation home, they opened it up, found the drugs and contacted authorities.

The substance later tested positive for cocaine.

Authorities recovered 20 kilos of cocaine in total, weighing roughly 50 pounds. At around $30,000 per kilo, the drugs have a street value of roughly $600,000.

WJCL has reached out to the Drug Enforcement Administration to figure out how the drugs ended up on Fripp Island.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office says the drugs will eventually be destroyed.