MONROE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – Family members of 10-month-old Jamaya Austin and Tamika Stallworth spoke to News 5 on Friday.

Authorities say Stallworth shot into a car, striking the young child in the face. Jamaya Austin was rushed to University Hospital in Mobile, but she died from her injuries.

Family members tell us Stallworth was aiming for someone else she knew inside of the car, but she struck the child in the process.

“I hate it happened. I’m a father here and I reiterate that fact. I just can’t imagine losing a child in that manner you know,” said Marcus Thompson, a relative of the victim and suspect.

Authorities say this happened along Highway 42 in the Peterman community of Monroe County. It’s a small town located northeast of Monroeville. Family members showed us the driveway where they say the 10-month-old was shot.

“Anytime you lose a child like that it’s devastating,” said Thompson.

Most everyone knows the family in Peterman. It’s a horrific tragedy that a lot of people are dealing with.

“Most of us up here are related some sort of way. It’s a tight-knit community. We’re all just family. It’s been like that many, many years. This is devastating. This is a set back not only to that family personally, but to all of us,” said Thompson.

Stallworth is charged with murder.