Faith Time: Keeping faith after Hurricane Sally

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Today church congregations are meeting in person or online for the first time since devastation from Hurricane Sally covered much of our area. Blake Newsom is with Dauphin Way Baptist Church in Mobile. I spoke to him while covering Elberta storm damage yesterday. We talked about faith in the aftermath of a disaster, what do you say to a congregation after something like this?

Guest: Wrestling with how do bad things happen, particularly things like natural disasters that are beyond our control I always want to remind people that God is in control, we can’t always understand how those things intertwine but God is in control. There’s nothing that happens that’s outside of His ability to contain the situation and protect His people. Not if we doubt, but when we doubt he cares about all of our concerns He is for us and He died to save us from our sin, the cross reminds us the problem of humanity is sin,

Chad: How do people have their faith restored especially if they prayed “please God don’t let anything happen to me” and they have a limb through their house or something like that?

Guest: We often have questions like this. It’s okay to ask God questions that is a human thing to do, we see it in Job. Oftentimes we don’t get the answer to “why.” It’s important to remember the answer to the question “who?” and the answer is God. There’s a prayer I often pray, it’s a man whose daughter is affected and he realizes he lacks faith, we see this throughout scripture this struggle, many instances of parents crying out to God, there’s nothing wrong with asking God for help, He’s there to help. Don’t let something bad take away from calling out to God, let that lead you to call out to God even more,

Chad: One of the common themes I notice as I’m out here covering storm damage is there’s a sense of optimism, people say “yeah I was hit hard but not as a bad as it could have been” why is that optimism seemingly common?

Guest: I think part of it is an American spirit, where we feel like we can overcome, we can face a challenge it’s also a chance to overcome obstacles using the skills God has given us.

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