Drivers: Saturday gridlock frustrating, but new bridge not worth it

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SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — Serious gridlock plagued the Causeway, Bayway, and surrounding parts of I-10 from Saturday morning until late afternoon.

Very frustrating. I was like man, what’s going on today? Why is it so thick out here, I’m ready to go fishing,” said Yarnell McElroy, who was fishing along the Causeway. It usually takes her 10 minutes to get to her spot from Chickasaw, but Saturday it took her about 40.

In the morning, there was a crash on the Causeway. There were also three instances on I-10, two crashes – one in either direction – and then a disabled vehicle in the Wallace Tunnel, but drivers we spoke with say it was still worse than usual under those circumstances.

The Bayway and Causeway are the only two ways across the Mobile Bay, which is one of the reasons the Alabama Department of Transportation plans to build a new bridge. At present, ALDOT plans to pay for the bridge by tolling the Bayway.

While many have expresses support for the new bridge, and don’t mind paying a toll, the drivers we spoke with in the midst of Saturday’s traffic – thought otherwise.

“I don’t. Like I said, it’s just another way to make money,” one of them told us.

“No,” added McElroy. “We were saying that on the way, I thought they already started collecting the tolls given how slow traffic was. But that’s just ridiculous”

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