Cute K9 credited with helping to bring crooks to justice

Mobile County
VIDEO:  Rango, Dauphin Island's alert hero dog

Dauphin Island, Ala. (WKRG) — Owner Sherri Buzbee says her dog Rango barks a lot but the noise was especially urgent Saturday morning.

“He and I were here by ourselves and at 4:20 he jumped off the bed and was barking like he was about to eat someone up. So I let him out and he took off. I walked downstairs and notice that someone was just here. Fast forward to 6:15ish. I was sitting on the deck drinking coffee and here they come back and when he saw them he did the same barking,” said Buzbee in a text message.  She said she noticed her coolers and fishing rods were strew across the side lawn. Buzbee said she called the police and that’s when they were able to arrest two people before they left the island.  Hear more of her story later today on News 5.  


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