Crowne residents to move into sanitized wing as more residents test ‘double-negative’

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MOBILE, Alabama — With a steady increase in the number of residents who are now testing negative for the COVID-19 virus, caregivers at Crowne Health Care of Mobile say they will move some residents into the facility’s recently sanitized wing later this week.

This comes on the heels of a visit from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention late last week after which CDC representatives commended Crowne’s staff for delivering a consistently high level of care for its residents.

“We are so pleased that 37 of our residents have twice tested negative for the virus,” said Crowne spokeswoman Frances Coleman. “This virus preys upon the elderly and people with other health issues, and it has been distressing to see its impact on our residents and staff members. Thankfully, when we look at the new numbers, we can see movement in the right direction.”

Ninety-nine people currently live at the facility. Sixteen of them are positive for the coronavirus. An additional four residents are hospitalized.

No employees are in the hospital.

“We are encouraged by the fact 37 of our residents have ‘double-negative tested,’ which means they’ve been cleared two times in back-to-back tests,” Coleman said. “According to the CDC guidelines that we’re following, that means they are eligible to live on the sanitized wing.”

An additional three residents have tested negative once, and results are pending on their second tests, she said. If the second tests are also negative, they will be eligible to live on the sanitized wing, which will be staffed by caregivers who have tested double-negative, too.

CDC representatives who toured Crowne Health last Friday praised the staff for their commitment to the highest standard of care as well as for having strict protocols in place to protect residents and employees.

“We have followed CDC and Mobile County Health Department guidelines since the outbreak of the virus,” Coleman said. “Those guidelines have included restrictions on visitors, sufficient amounts of personal protective equipment, and adherence to hand-washing and other sanitary measures.”

Moreover, Crowne froze admissions when the outbreak began, stopped communal activities and began screening every employee entering the building.

Regrettably, 22 residents and three staff members have died.

“Over the past weeks we have confronted a threat like nothing we’ve ever experienced or seen,” Coleman said. “Almost a third of the people infected with the COVID-19 virus never show any symptoms. This fact has made control of the virus in a closed environment like our facility very difficult.”

She added, “We could not be prouder of our employees who continue to rise to these challenges. They are heroes, and we are grateful for their hard work and dedication. Their top priority, and our top priority, is to do everything we can to protect our residents. COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, but not our overarching goal.”


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