(WKRG) — Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne has issued a statement regarding the ongoing impeachment inquiry involving President Trump.

“With each unprecedented action, it becomes clearer that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and their cohorts have been scheming since Day 1 to impeach President Trump by lying to the American people, violating the Constitution, and using whatever deceitful and nefarious means they can muster.  By rejecting House rules and precedents to ensure fairness and transparency, Democrats are pulling away the veil from their long-held but long-denied intent to overturn the results of the previous election at all costs.

“Democrats’ impeachment push is not about oversight or transparency but is a viciously partisan coup against our very system of free elections.  Their hypocrisy and neglect for the law reinforces the illegitimacy of this farce impeachment inquiry.  Democrats should brace for a fight, because the American people will not stand for this attack and neither will I.”