Comparing the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project to Pensacola’s 3 Mile Bridge replacement

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Tolls are the only proposed funding for the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project. Over in Pensacola, the 398 million dollar 3-Mile-Bridge Project is being built with no tolls. The Florida Department of Transportation says the money for the 3-mile-bridge is coming from the gas tax. The project in Mobile proposes a $6 toll each way to help pay for the project. Private companies will be charging the tolls for fifty years. Residents in Pensacola say they are happy they don’t have to worry about paying to get across the bridge.

“I don’t know why ya’ll aren’t able to get the funding like we were but we have a better deal,” Ivan Bonner said.

Alabama officials say the project will cost 2.1 billion dollars and that is why they need the tolls.

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