MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The United States Coast Guard honored Zachary Edwards today for saving a person from drowning in the Gulf at Orange Beach in August of 2018… The twist? The heroic act happened on his wedding day.

During today’s ceremony, Petty Officer First Class Zac Edwards recalled that incredible day where during his post-wedding photoshoot on the beaches of Orange Beach he decided to put everything aside and jump in the Gulf, while red flags were flying, to aid a complete stranger.

“The wife and I looked at each other and saw he was getting pulled out fairly quickly and she said go get him and so I took my shirt off jumped in, grabbed a boogie board and headed out,” Zac said.

The Silver Lifesaving Medal was created by Congress in 1874 to honor any person who rescues another person from drowning, a shipwreck or any other water emergency. Edwards is one of around 1900 to be awarded this medal in the last 150 years.

“I am forever humbled and honored to have received this award… It’s humbling, overwhelming and just amazing,” Edwards said when asked to describe the feeling of receiving the medal.

Right alongside Edwards was his better half Cindy, who nearly two years after that incredible day still has more love for her hero than ever.

“He is my hero every day and so I’m just glad that he got to be someone else’s. God just puts you in the right place at the right time. And he put us together for a reason and on that beach that day. So we are just very blessed.”