UPDATE (9:55 am) — City of Mobile Communications Director George Talbot says the removal and current location is temporary. A return date has not yet been released. The city is expected to make an announcement about what comes next.

UPDATE (8:08 am) — Mobile mayor Sandy Stimpson has issued a statement involving the removal of the Semmes monument.

The task was completed this morning, June 5. The statue has been placed in a secure location.

To be clear: This decision is not about Raphael Semmes, it is not about a monument and it is not an attempt to rewrite history.

Moving this statue will not change the past. It is about removing a potential distraction so we may focus clearly on the future of our city. That conversation, and the mission to create One Mobile, continues today.

Mobile mayor Sandy Stimpson

UPDATE (5:37 am) — George Talbot has confirmed that the City of Mobile took down the monument overnight.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The monument honoring Admiral Raphael Semmes has been taken down overnight. The 120-year-old monument was vandalized earlier this week. You can read that story, along with the suspect’s arrest here.