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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It’ll cost you six dollars to get all the way across the Mobile Bridge and Bayway, but less if you get off at one of the exits.

The idea of a new Bayway with tolls is something many people cannot get behind. Timothy Yang lives in Spanish Fort. He said, “I think it is a bad idea from either the business point of view or either from a passengers view.”

These are the current, not-finalized toll rates from the Alabama Department of Transportation. The different colors on the map show each option available for drivers to take and the prices that go with them.

Yang said, “I would not prefer to pay the six dollars. I don’t want to every day pass the Causeway either.”

Prices are higher for drivers using the Wallace Tunnel. From Virginia Street to the Midbay Bridge, it would cost you $3.75. From the Midbay Bridge to Daphne, it would cost you $2.50. These prices are for drivers not using the transponder. Drivers must use one to be eligible for the 15% discount for frequent users.

Mobile River Bridge & Bayway segmented tolling from ALDOT.

Yang said, “If everybody’s choosing to take the Causeway, it would be very crowded in the morning, especially during the rush hour. It would be very, very crowded.”

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