The Doctor Is In: Common cancer myths and misconceptions

The Doctor Is In

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Doctor Michael Meshad from the Southern Cancer Center joined us in the News 5 studio to talk about common cancer myths and misconceptions. 

1- Cancer a death sentence.

2- Eating sugar will make my cancer worse.

3- Artificial sweeteners cause cancer.

4- Cancer is contagious.

5- Cancer surgery or a tumor biopsy can cause cancer to spread in the body.

6- Drug companies and the Food and Drug Administration are blocking or withholding new cancer treatments.

7- Cancer is a man-made, modern disease.

8- Superfoods prevent cancer.

9- Attitude-positive or negative-determines my risk of, or likely recovery from, cancer.

10- Cancer is always painful.

11- Cell phones cause cancer.

12- Underwire bras cause breast cancer.

13- Antiperspirants or deodorants can cause breast cancer.

14- Cancer get worse if exposed to air.

15- There are herbal products that can cure cancer.

16- Someone in my family has had cancer, so I am more likely to get cancer.

17- No one in my family has had cancer, so that means I’m risk-free.

18- Hair dye use increases the risk of cancer.

19- Microwaving plastic containers and wraps release harmful, cancer-causing substances into food.

20- We put a man on the moon, so we should have cured cancer by now.

21- Regular checkups and today’s medical technology can detect all cancer early.

22- Undergoing cancer treatment means you can’t live at home, work or go about your usual activities.

23- Everyone with the same kind of cancer gets the same kind of treatment.

24- ‘Acidic’ diets cause cancer.

25- Cancer treatment kills more than it cures.


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