MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG)– Joining us on The Doctor Is In to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Family Medicine Dr. Alicia Evans, M.D and Mammography Tech Kimberly Davis from Franklin Primary Health Center to discuss the topic of breast cancer awareness.

They answered questions like:

  • Can you explain why getting annual mammograms are so important and at what age should women start?
  • What are some of the risk factors associated with breast cancer and what are the steps that we need to take at home to become more aware?
  • Can you explain what makes 3D mammography so much better?
  • Explain what happens during a typical mammogram. Is it painful?
  • Once a patient has been diagnosed with breast cancer, what are the next steps? Can you tell me more about the treatments available?
  • How can women in our audience schedule an appointment for their next screening with Franklin?

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