(WKRG) — From hurricanes to tornadoes to flash floods, it’s safe to say the Gulf Coast has some of the wildest, most active weather in the country. Reporting on these life changing weather events is top priority for WKRG News 5. Now we’re bringing our viewers and readers weather coverage in a new way:

Meet The BEAST:

THE BEAST is the First Alert Storm Team’s mobile weather lab. Outfitted with state-of-the-art storm tracking technology, multiple high-definition cameras and live weather sensors, The BEAST brings viewers to the storm.

The heart of THE BEAST is housed inside its doors. During a severe weather event, a meteorologist will work in front of a console packed with the most advanced weather-tracking technology. This includes Mobile Threat Net. Threat Net is a live weather tracking program developed by Baron Weather in Huntsville. It provides live radar, satellite, and lightning data delivered via satellite. This negates the issue of dealing with data loss due to poor Wi-Fi or rain fade. 

Live weather information from the vehicle is fed into the console by a Columbia Weather Systems Weather Station mounted on top of the of THE BEAST. This tool delivers on-site information including temperature, wind direction and speed, pressure, and humidity. Information like this is key in determining where to go during active weather. 

THE BEAST is equipped with multiple cameras. A 360-degree rotating camera is mounted on top of the vehicle. Multiple other cameras will give Gulf Coast viewers images of out meteorologists working inside. 

A 43” outdoor television is mounted inside THE BEAST at its back. This allows our meteorologists to perform daily, and breaking weather segments live from the field with full display of weather graphics. 

WKRG has always been the weather leader on the Gulf Coast. THE BEAST gives us another great tool to give our viewers the accurate, life-saving information to which they have become accustomed.

Schedule a visit from THE BEAST:  

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