MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Today on Take 5 we are joined by Amber Finch, Center Manager for Sage Health Pinebrook, and Dr. Michael Psikogios, Regional Medical Director. Dr. Psikogios and Finch are here to discuss the grand opening of Sage Health’s Pinebrook location.

Sage Health offers seniors innovative primary and concierge care with a wellness focus. Activity rooms, fitness programs, nutrition programs and mental health services will be located under the same roof as your doctor, at Sage Health. Care and services will be delivered in modern facilities, or at home, for seniors to live a healthier life at an affordable cost.

Pinebrook will be the first of three locations to open in Mobile. The other two locations, Midtown and Toulminville, will open later this year.

Dr. Psikogios and Finch answer the following questions in the video above:

  • What is Sage Health?
  • What makes Sage Health different from a regular clinic?
  • Why should a senior choose Sage Health?