Wildlife experts track Golden Eagles for thousands of miles

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It would surprise you to see how far an eagle will travel over a years time. The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources tags and tracks Golden Eagles. Below is a short article and a link to learn more about these raptors.

Alabama WFF began monitoring golden eagles using game cameras during the winter of 2011-2012. Since then, we have acquired over 28,000 eagle photos and have captured and tagged 13 eagles within the state. In early November four of our eagles being tracked with cellular transmitters appeared on our radar after being absent for approximately 6 months. In mid-December one of the four eagles, Natchez, finally showed up at one of our camera sites. Natchez, originally captured as a 6-year-old female in 2015, traveled over 1,700 miles in less than two months to make it back down to Freedom Hills WMA, where she was originally captured. Coon Dog, another tagged eagle traveled over 1,800 miles, made a quick stop in Alabama at the Freedom Hills WMA, before moving north to Tennessee. The other two eagles have yet to travel back through Alabama this winter. This year, we will attempt to equip two additional eagles with transmitters which will help us gather more information on migratory pathways and identify preferred habitat in Alabama. Learn more about our golden eagle research by visiting our website. Click here

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