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HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Some Wiregrass retailers are selling backpacks that claim they can do more than carry textbooks—they can also repel bullets.

The Guard Dog ProShield 2 backpack boasts that it is bullet resistant to certain gunfire. News 18 teamed up with Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza to test the manufacturer’s claim.

“It’s not so much (the front of the backpack),” Valenza said. “It’s going to be (what’s) against their back that’s protecting them.”

With statistics showing that school shooters primarily use handguns and assault rifles during attacks, a nine millimeter handgun and a ten millimeter handgun became the first weapons to beat.

After taking 12 rounds from the ten millimeter and five rounds from the nine, it was time to see how the bag fared.

“That’s pretty good,” Valenza said. “Real good.”

After showing a successful defense against the handguns, the backpack then faced an even bigger challenge: an assault rifle.

The book bag was no match for the rifle; all the rounds went completely through the bag.

Despite the loss to the assault rifle, the backpack did prove to be a decent defense against the handguns.

“What you’ve got up against you is what you want it to stop and it did,” Valenza said.

The backpack, which was purchased from Office Depot, cost $199 — including taxes.

The book bag was donated to the school resource officer program for future presentations.

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