SEAGROVE BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The Hammocks of Seagrove Beach community has reportedly been vandalized four of the last five nights.

“For this neighborhood, it’s not the locals,” said Brad Wear, Hammocks of Seagrove Beach Homeowner’s Association Board Member. ” It’s definitely the renters.”

Issues started at the entrance.

“The biggest recurring problem we have is they tear the gate off. We’ve got a gate arm and it’s only attached by a couple of bolts,” Wear said. “When we had solid bolts on it they would rip it and it would cost us one thousand bucks to replace it every single time.”

Wear said they have since transitioned to a less costly method of repair.

He said it costs around $200 every time the gate is ripped off.

There’s even plenty of room to walk by the gate without opening it. An adult bike fits horizontally between the bushes and the gate.

Still, many adolescents who pass by it feel the need to break the gate down.

Wear said kids also block people from coming through the gates, throw furniture into the community pool, and play loud music throughout the night.

“And there’s apps that they can, you know, drop a pin and say ‘hey there’s a party at this house’ and we will literally get over 100 people that will show up here on bikes,” Wear said.

He believes teenagers could be causing this havoc because they have nothing else to do at night when their parents leave them.

Wear said he made many reports to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

“If we can identify those suspects then certainly we would bring some criminal charges against them,” Lieutenant Dave Robson said.

But he also it’s difficult to identify them because they’re likely only here on a short vacation.

He said they will patrol that area more. But they can’t be there 24/7.

Wear said vandalism is also a problem in the surrounding communities.

Last month we reported about an $8-million home 200 teenagers broke into and threw a party.

Several have been arrested for that one, but many were apparently locals.

That home was less than a mile away from this Seagrove Beach community.