JEANERETTE, La. (KLFY) — For over a hundred years the U.S. Postal Service has said, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

In Jeanerette, you can add fire to that list.

A family of seven is thankful to be alive after a house fire in Jeanerette Wednesday morning. They say if it wasn’t for a neighbor and a postal worker, they would not have made it.

While Noah Pullin was delivering mail to Bayside Street, he saw flames escaping a nearby trailer. Without hesitation, he rushed over banging on the door to find who was home, no one answered.

“I found a piece of wood on the ground. I just started breaking windows trying to get in,” Pullin recalled.

Gaynelle Robertson was inside the home and told News 10, “If it wouldn’t have been for my neighbor and the postman seeing that my trailer was on fire, it would have been a tragedy. because it was me, my husband, and my two kids in there, and we were all sleeping.”

At the far end of the trailer, Gaynelle Robertson and her family were completely unaware until a neighbor found the bedroom window awaking the Robertson’s as Pullin forced the back door open. Gaynelle’s husband found the door, but she wandered with her girls through the smoke to the bathroom.

She said, “I was scared. I was traumatized because I thought I was going to be stuck in there and didn’t have no way out.”

Once Gaynelle reached the bathroom window, her husband and her postman helped the girls out then Gaynelle. Her other three kids were at school, safe from the fire which started from a space heater in one of their bedrooms.

This isn’t the first life-saving work Pullin has had. He served in the Marine Corps for six years before becoming a postman.

“I figure the training I got through that helped me somehow and some way to kind of just act on it,” he told News 10.

Once firefighters arrived, Pullin let them handle it. Going from deliverer to deliveries, he picked up where the route he was filling in for left off.

“Right place. Right time. That’s what I told everybody that said, ‘good job’ yesterday. I was just like, honestly, I’m just glad I was there to see it to be able to warn them because if it was me or my family, I would want somebody to help out,” Pullin concluded.

The Robertson family is in need of a new home. If you feel compelled to help them with that, you’ll find a link to a GoFundMe here. For the more pressing needs of clothes, furniture, and appliances donations can be dropped off at a family member’s home at 258 Jones Road in Jeanerette.